Ecobank_on for International Organisations

Bespoke digital solutions to help
IOs reach the last mile and deliver
to beneficiaries effectively.

See how Ecobank_on can help your IO or NGO in this short film


As part of Ecobank’s long-term drive to promote inclusive financial services, the bank has invested heavily in the digitalisation of all its banking solutions.

In line with this commitment comes a new generation of bespoke solutions for International Organisations – to enable them to reach the last mile and transform lives across Africa.

We are proud that our work is set to making a meaningful and lasting contribution to the developmental success of the continent and we look forward to working with you.

Digital transfer capability for IOs

Send funds speedily to recipients and beneficiaries – direct to their mobile phones or via a pre-paid card

Streamlined payments across Ecobank’s 36 country platform

Manage, set-up, monitor and disburse funds swiftly through the Ecobank Omni platform

Last-mile delivery and redemption of funds

Dramatically reduce payment systems costs and control cash management more easily.

Send. Reach. Deliver.
Reaching beneficiaries effectively.


  • Send individuals funds directly and at speed

  • Into an Xpress account via Ecobank mobile USSD to traditional phones

  • Onto an Ecobank prepaid card

  • Into a mobile wallet held with one of our many Mobile Network Operator partners

  • Ideal for grants, disbursements and more


  • Build bespoke one-stop payment solutions through integration on Omni (Ecobank’s Pan-African corporate e-banking portal) to reach beneficiaries across 36 African countries

  • Omni enables easy bulk payments to up to 10,000 recipients in one run

  • Keep track of payments in one secure solution providing automated payment monitoring and reporting mechanisms


  • Ensure delivery to last-mile beneficiaries via Ecobank’s secure digital payment ecosystem

  • Harness Ecobank’s network of ATMs/agents where beneficiaries can easily redeem their money

  • Fund prepaid cards or mobile wallets with our 3rd party partners