for government

Instant. Convenient. Affordable.
Far reaching yet convenient digital solutions that dramatically reduce costs and streamline bulk payments


Instant Reach

Pay citizens instantly – direct to their mobile phones.

Convenient Bulk payments

Send payments to recipients in one run via a list of mobile phone numbers.

Affordable Technology

Dramatically reduce payment systems costs and control cash management more easily.

Send. Pay. Collect.
Streamline bulk payment and collections


  • You can now send citizens their funds instantly via the Ecobank Mobile app on their smartphones or via USSD on more traditional phones

  • Ideal for pension and subsidy payments, grants, social disbursements and more


  • Using OMNI (our corporate banking portal) you can set up payment runs instantly

  • OMNI enables easy bulk-payments to up to 10,000 recipients in one run


  • OMNI provides affordable automated payment, collection, monitoring and reporting

  • Keep track of payments, receivables, value chain, liquidity and reporting in one secure solution

  • We partner with Microsoft (and others) to optimise eGovernment solutions and collect fees for municipalities, schools, vehicle licensing, eVisas, ePassports, land registration and hospital services.