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Convenient. Instant. Affordable.
Easy to use, low-cost digital banking solutions that help you to service customers, track sales and receive funds instantly


Convenient Scan & pay QR

Take cash-free payments from customers in store or remotely using simple Scan & Pay QR technology

Instant Collections

Set up and monitor ‘E-tills’ for everyone who makes sales within your business.

Affordable Growth

Scan & Pay QR is the most affordable, simple way to make payments efficient, drive more customer transactions and raise the profile of your business.

Receive. Collect. Grow.
Revolutionise your business affordably


  • Take cash-free customer payments via Scan & Pay QR on smartphones or USSD codes on traditional mobiles

  • No waiting in line – customers simply scan your unique QR code to pay you via the Ecobank app

  • Receive instant payment notifications and receipts

  • Give customers your QR code to use off-site too


  • Receive your payments
    instantly into your account

  • Using ‘E-tills’ you can monitor everyone who makes sales within your business

  • For larger organisations, Ecobank offers a range of specialised schemes for large-scale collections


  • Choose a low-cost payment and collection solution

  • Grow transaction volumes and your customer base

  • No complex integration needed

  • Additional services also available via OMNI portal